The Lift of Enchantment and the evolution of the Modern Facelift. What people desire most is an effective, natural, long-lasting and safe procedure.

The Lift of Enchantment is a personalized approach tailor-made and designed for the individual. It addresses each area of concern including cheek, jowls and neck. The neck is addressed using the Direct Neck Approach. No other technique can achieve the results.

The procedure depends on several principles. The first principle is the understanding of layers: Skin, subcutaneous fat, fascia, muscle, deep layers, and bone. The second principle is the camouflage of incisions. And the third principle is the placement of vectors of tension in hidden areas above and behind the ear.

The Direct Neck Approach (DNA)This is done through an additional innocuous and hidden incision under the chin.It is important to remove both layers of fat in the neck, one above and one below the platysma muscle. Liposuction alone will not do this and in fact, can damage tissues. Tightening of the platysma muscle, the main contour muscle of the neck using a corset or shoelace technique. Indirect approaches, including the mini-lift or Lifestyle Lift, only partially correct – and in somecases – does not correct this vital area at all.

Please come in for a complimentary consultation with our Plastic Surgery Nurse who will show you actual results.

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